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2013/14 season preview

Alex Livesey

Very shortly I am going to run a mini-series posts here at Bitter and Blue titled 'Expectations'. I am going to run through each of the main player positions and look at how that group performed last season and what the expectations are for 2013/14.

For now, I have a preview of sorts on City and the 2013/14 season on StatsBomb:

Change. It is all about change for Man City in this upcoming season, which is now excitingly close. An old manager, beloved by the fans and seemingly despised by everybody else, has departed and a new man with a more holistic approach has been hired.

Holistic, it's a funny word which was used in it's correct context when explaining Mancini's firing. The issue I have with the word is that it didn't need to mentioned. Roberto Mancini was fired for a couple of very simple reasons: he wasn't good enough; City had stagnated and they were tactically short in the CL.

Here is the link (LINK) * Tip: I am feeling very bullish about City's chances this year!

We will also be running a series of previews featuring the team of writers here at Bitter and Blue. The first of the posts leading up to the season opener will be posted up next Monday.