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YES Network and City sign multi-year agreement

Michael Heiman

This news is very regional, but for me who lives in the NY metropolitan area, this is great news! YES Network, who broadcast all things Yankees and Nets, have reached a multi-year agreement with City to show all games on a tape delay, plus City’s magazine shows. Upon doing some research on my TV (yeah, easiest way to do some research, ever!) the games will be shown three days after the fixtures date.

Obviously, this deal was made in lieu of the two sides coming together to create New York City FC, who will be joining Major League Soccer in the 2015 season. The first airing of all three shows (games and two magazine shows) was last night, Thursday, at 10 p.m. EST. In the “Inside City” show, they took us into the back stage of City’s “City Live” performance they put on before the season began. We also got a look at the Les Chapman tribute game that was put on for former kit manager Les Chapman, as well. If memory serves me right I believe Chappy’s team won 4-3, and Chappy was named MVP as he lead his team form behind to win.

Not sure what this will do to the coverage of Arsenal that the network he previously promoted, but I’d imagine that contract has either run its course, or will not be renewed by the two sides. YES Network will show City’s away match against Cardiff from Sunday, Tuesday August 27th. This is a great way to expand MCFC’s brand in the US, which is steadily growing.