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Kompany Out a Month

Can I panic now?

Michael Regan

Here's the bad news. On the plus side, Nastasic is 'working normally' with the team and might start.

So, let's review:

  • Kompany: See you in late September
  • Nastasic: Banged up with an ankle injury, not that those ever recur.
  • Lescott: Still slow, still gives up the ball and has to play on the left side, period.
  • Javi Garcia: Still Javi Garcia.
  • Richards: Hamstring trouble.
  • Boyata: Not ready.
I bow to no one in my respect for Manuel Pellegrini's power of positive mojo that prompts players to reach peak performance. But that and alliteration aside, are you not concerned? I am. We are one injury away from panic in the back.

The new Five Thoughts Motto: Get a CB. Do it now. I feel so strongly about this, I'm going to put up a poll.