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Denis Suárez completes Barcelona move

Alex Livesey

A transfer story that has bubbled away for a little while finally completed this afternoon with news that EDS prospect Denis Suárez has signed for Barcelona.

Suárez signed in 2011 from Celta Vigo touted as a player with immense promise, but has made just two first team appearances at the club before moving back to Spain.

The deal will reportedly see Suárez join Barcelona 'B' in Spain's Segunda division for the 2013/14 season.

The useful source City Watch (@City_Watchtweeted earlier citing Marca that the initial fee was £850,000 with a further £685,000 in 12 months time. City would also receive £685,000 per first team game up to ten appearances, plus 20% of any future sale plus first option on the player, which, given his contract stipulates an immediate €12 million buy out clause and a €35 million one when/if he joins the first team, could see City net a considerable sum.

The transfer of one of the hottest prospects from the EDS will raise questions though both as to the system that is in place given how little progress Suárez has made and the ability of any youngster coming through to crack the first team squad given the financial strength of the club in the transfer market.