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Five Thoughts

Looking Really, Really Good

It might be hard to tell here, but Edin Dzeko is really very happy.
It might be hard to tell here, but Edin Dzeko is really very happy.
Clive Brunskill

Part the First: Word of the Day: Fun.

What an enormously fun team we have. Navas and Zabaleta are fun to watch on that right side; hell, Navas is fun to watch, period. Dzeko was having fun-fun-fun for the first time in many a moon, Aguero had fun moving without pain, Fernandinho and Yaya had fun bringing the pain, Nasri looked like the weight of the world was off his shoulders because he was having fun, even coming off the damn bench. City fans had every reason to walk home with a spring in their step, welcoming anything that came their way as reason to be alive-every breath ambrosia, every movement one of ease and comfort.

Far be it for me to put a damper on things but damper I must.

Part the Second: The Damper: Vincent Kompany is out three weeks.

It is possible that Manuel Pellegrini can use the power of positive thinking to provoke Lescott to be faster and not give the ball up in his own end, to make Javi Garcia into a top-flight center back instead of the relatively struggling midfielder he is. It's possible Micah Richards can step in and City fans can have fun (that word again) watching Micah and Pablo on the pitch at the same time. But I, SufferingBruin, have said and will say now: we need another CB and that right soon. Let's assume for a moment that Kompany is hurt not for the last time. Let's assume that as valuable a property as there is in the league-Nastasic-will be playing not just hurt but injured for the better part of the year. We are one more injury away from having utter panic in the back. Ironically, the one place where we didn't need enormous depth was the back line. We currently have the depth of an ocean everywhere on the pitch but we're shallow where the waters used to be deepest. Get a CB, Manuel. Do it today.

Part the Third: The Red Menace: Red in Face

Schadenfreude. Don't pretend you don't love that feeling, pardon the double negative. Shall we document the ways we've enjoyed watching our flailing neighbors? To wit:

Exhibit A:

The painful pursuit of Cesc, culminating in the Spainiard finally responding like someone being stalked-"For the last time, stop calling!"

Exhibit B:

David Moyes dipping both feet into the paranoia pool, hilariously claiming conspiracy because United's early schedule contains games against top teams. Before United fans head to the fainting couch, perhaps it's best to get a firm grasp on what has always been a reality in the Prem-everybody plays everybody twice. And David? Not for nothing but if the schedule makers really wanted to stick it to you, they would've given you the tough stuff sandwiched between Champions League matches. Of course, since United always draws easy in Champions League (speaking of conspiracies), perhaps you should just drink a large glass of calm-down-juice and worry about...

Exhibit C:

Moyes' ridiculous play for his former players. After getting turned down by Fabregas, Thiago Alcantara and CR7 (damn right, I think they made a bid), Moyes & Co. are looking longingly toward Goodison Park for acceptance. Unfortunately for them, they encountered the less than sycophantic Roberto Martinez. See, United thinks because they are United they can just bully through a twice-rejected bid of $28-million for both Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines. Perhaps they thought three times would be the charm but Martinez was less than charmed and is currently pulling a Cesc, trying to communicate no in a way United folk will understand.

City looked at last season's debacle and adjusted accordingly. United basked in the glory of the genius' last season with the cry of "get behind the new guy" and thought all would be well. But it's not the same and it never will be. Players wanted to play for the United of Sir Alex Ferguson, not the United of David Moyes. Red Devil fans can't grasp this and it's to their detriment. The brutal irony of where they are now is this: the man who said no one is bigger than the club-Sir Alex himself-became just that and United is currently paying the price for it.

Part the Fourth: Loving our Midfield

Just wanted to say it. You all know I love Yaya but, man, how about that partnership with Fernandinho? We overpaid and he gave the ball away but it was in the offensive end and that's forgiven, what with the hustle, the tackles, the speed, the attitude... keep bringing it, boys. Zac MacPhee said the pairing would be good and it has been so.

Part the Fifth: Poll!

You know what to do.