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Post match thoughts: City 1 - 2 Bayern Munich

Alex Grimm

We didn’t win this trophy? PELLEGRINI OUT! I want all five of the trophies we will be playing for! Kidding of course. Although there were fewer goals than yesterday, this game was just as entertaining, if not better.

The new signings continue to show what they will bring to the team as Negredo scored his first, correct me if I’m wrong, goal with our Blues. Someone I have yet to bring up is Stevan Jovetic, in his first two appearances with City he has yet to score, but he has brought a different element to us so far that I can’t yet describe, so please hold on my thoughts on him, but they will be positive.

In the first half the attack was narrow compared to what we have come accustom to seeing from City during this preseason. I attribute that to a midfield that paid less attention to spraying the attack wide, and of course, no Silva. That all changed when Navas was introduced into the game in the second half, City’s attack began to open up, as well as the pace of the game. Negredo opened up the scoring after he received an outlet that set him up for a 1-on-1 with the keeper, the ball took a bounce of the far post and into the back of the net. Bayern went on to score two unanswered goals, one coming from the penalty kick, which was given after Pablo’s hand accidently volleyed the ball out of play. Dzeko had an excellent chance to level the score late in the second half, but after the ball took a tough bounce his touch eluded him and the ball trickled by the goal. This just delays my acceptance of him becoming more of a threat on attack ;).

On the positive side, the defense was much more organized today and, in my opinion, which was due to the back four selection, which included Vinny, Pablo and Clichy. During the first 45 City had a lot of defending to do, and did it beautifully. Even when we got stretched, the boys at the back settled and alleviated the threat on goal. Sadly they couldn’t hold Bayern from scoring in the second half. The German side took advantage of the mistakes by our weary back line and scored one goal from a non-set piece. Because the first goal was a PK, it continues to provide me with hope about how our season will go.

Not that any of you should be surprised but, Kompany continues to impress me with his ability to read an attackers movement and decision making. With Nastasic out for quite awhile, it is important that Lescott assert himself at center back, because Boyata still has some growing up to do. Can anyone sense more pressure for a Pepe signing?

Although the result is not what we hoped for, it looks like us Citizen fans will be in for a season full of excitement and success. There have been a lot of positives taken out of our trip abroad, most coming in the attacking area of the game, which is to be expected after boasting the best defense in the EPL last season. Finally, I can’t stress enough how the changes I have seen from last season to this preseason have improved the EPL runner-ups. The team has a better chemistry on the field, and you can tell by the little but simple things they have been doing.