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Five in Five 2013/14 season preview: Predictions

Day five rounds up our coverage and brings us to prediction time.

Alex Livesey

You can find all of our season preview coverage here but we finish off our build up to the season with a look at how the season may unfold. It's prediction time...

Suffering Bruin: Meet the new English Premier League Champions of the 2013-14 season. I can see a quarterfinal placing in the CL and heaven only knows with the FA and Capital One cups.

kmoney2405: PL Champions: The best club in the world, Manchester City.

Top four: City, United, Chelsea and, flip a coin, Arsenal. I really struggled to name a fourth team, having to pick between Spurs, Liverpool or Arsenal. A lot of the success of Spurs and Liverpool depends on how the summer transfer window ends for them, more importantly with Bale and Suarez.

FA Cup: City. Capital One Cup: Cardiff, just because I am reading Craig Bellamy's book right now.

Champions League: Bayern for a repeat

sonics097: PL Champions: City, of course. Chelsea coming close in second. Top Four: City, Chelsea, United, Spurs (even if they lose Bale). Relegated: Hull, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa. Everyone who finished near Villa last season has strengthened and Newcastle should be better too. Meanwhile, Villa have done nothing of note. FA Cup: Liverpool. Capital One Cup: Spurs. Champions League: Juventus

Harkiano: Ok then. On paper as I have said on numerous occasions I do feel that City have the strongest line-up in the League. If the new players can settle and there is no major adjusting period to Pellegrini's style of play then I would have us down as favourites to lift the title. This is City though and even now it is slightly unnerving backing us to be a success!!

PL Champions: Manchester City
Top Four: Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal
Relegated: Hull, Crystal Palace, Norwich
FA Cup: Chelsea
Capital One Cup: United
Champions League: Barcelona

lafaitele: Manchester City will be PL champions this season. Take it to the bank. United are a mess, Spurs are going to lose Bale. Chelsea will be a contender, but I think there are going to be growing pains between the 18 attacking players they have, and a manager who likes to build from the back first. Arsenal are delusional if they think they're going to finish in the top 4 this season. I wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool finished 5th ahead of them.

The top four this season will be City, Chelsea, United, Spurs. The relegated teams will be in a scrap. The teams that finished at the bottom last season (Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle) got significantly better. I think we end up seeing 2 of the recently promoted teams go down. It's going to take more firepower than they have to stay up.

FA Cup and Capital One Cup - I have no idea. It's so hard to tell when a team will care about these things. I have a suspicion that Moyes will play his fist team United squad in the cups, so that he can at least win something this season.

Champions League should be a hoot. Bayern got stronger (Gomez and Thiago), Dortmund brought in enough to maintain despite their losses (Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang), Barca got stronger (Neymar), Madrid might (if they get Bale), Juventus added Tevez and Llorente, PSG (Cavani).

Holy crap. Those are some crazy good teams that got even better. Anyone who claims they know is crazy. It is going to be a nutty Champion's League this season.

Zac MacPhee: I think the Premier League is a toss-up between City and Chelsea - I'm inclined to say City, but it seems like a coin flip. With how deep this strike force is (Pellegrini could realistically start Negredo and Jovetic in a 4-4-2 in every cup game and still not use the first choice strikers), I think deep Cup runs are in order; so I'll say an FA Cup win and a surprise loss in the Capital One Cup to a smaller side, maybe a club like Aston Villa. As for the Champions League, I'm expecting a deep run, either the quarters or the semis, and anything after that would be wildly exciting.

Danny Pugsley:

Champions: Manchester City, with the rest of the top four: Chelsea, United and Arsenal.
Relegated: Cardiff, Hull, Crystal Palace.
FA Cup: Chelsea.
Capital One Cup: Liverpool.
Champions League: Bayern.


I'm late, again. Here goes.

Champs: Man City, but it'll be a close run thing. Chelsea, United and Tottenham

Relegated: Hull, Palace and Fulham

FA Cup: Liverpool

Capital One Cup: Man United

CL: Real Madrid