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Post match thoughts: City 5-3 AC Milan

Alex Grimm

No, you read that correctly the game ended 5-3. That being said, all the goals were scored in the first half but that didn’t make the game any less exciting. The action began quickly as David Silva scored the first goal after some great build up by two new comers, Jesus Navas and Stevan Jovetic, combining to give the Spaniard his goal. It was fast paced and open affair in the first half, everyone on City were clicking like a team that had been playing together for years. The onslaught continued as the combination of Fernandhino and Navas lead to the second goal scored by Micah, who charged down the wing, taking two shots before nudging the ball by the keeper.

The next three goals were scored by my two favorite people (you can sense the sarcasm being typed, right?) Kolarov and Dzeko, Dzeko connected for two of the three goals. Now, like I stated in my previous post, Dzeko has continued to empress me with the way he has played this preseason, and his confidence continues to grow as his time on the pitch increases. Pellegrini said he had plans for Dzeko, and if this is what he was talking about I would be more than happy to announce my criticism of Dzeko over, but I’ll let the season decide that!

The amount of goals scored, paired with the close score line would lead you to believe otherwise but City controlled the game by holding much of the possession and pressuring Milan’s back line. After City went up five goals to nil, Milan’s attack woke up as Stephan el Shaarawy slotted two consecutive goals by Joe Hart. The three goals scored by Milan were due in large part to the back line losing focus. But in all due respect to our B-team back line, of course you are going to become relaxed especially when going up 5-0 in a friendly match. The second half saw an equal amount of chances for both sides, but there were no goals scored with lots of shots on goal.

As the preseason has progress, and all of the new signings arrive, the team is beginning to play with a renewed sense of enjoyment for the game. Throughout last season it seemed as if the boys cared less and less, and it showed in the score lines and results. Not all of the credit, but some of the credit for that should go to Pellegrini because from what I have read, the players truly enjoy having him as a coach.

I have been thoroughly impressed by what the new signings look to be bringing to City this season, especially Navas. With the width Navas, * gulp * Kolarov, Richards, Pablo and Nasri will provide for us going forward you can see that Silva has begun to thrive as the Quarterback, for lack of a better term, for our attack. He (Silva) looked extremely comfortable posting up in the middle of the field and spraying the ball out wide, which then got funneled back to the box. OH JEEZ I’M GETTING EXCITED JUST WRITING THIS!!! Finally, much respect to Joe Hart, regardless of having a save percentage of 0 in the first half, he stepped up his performance when City needed it the most.

Okay, with this report written I will reward myself with a little FIFA since I haven’t played in quite some time. FYI, City will play Munich in the Audi Cup final, AND technically 18 days until the start of the new season for our beloved Blues J. COME ON CITY!