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Bale wearing Blue or what we got?

How would this guy have looked in blue?
How would this guy have looked in blue?
Jan Kruger

If I read the headlines right--and I like to think that I am--Real Madrid just made a 100 million pound bid for last year's player of the year, Gareth Bale.

Without an ounce of proof, I am convinced that the Citizen brass strongly considered Bale in blue and I also believe they knew a transfer would cost nine figures. As you are no doubt aware, City just spent 97 million on Jovetic, Navas, Negredo and Fernandinho--four extremely credible signings and in the case of Jovetic, a possible superstar. Let us also not forget the strong bid we made for Isco so the powers that be have known for a while--I mean, they knew--transfer spending would be near, at or over 100 million. And I am absolutely certain they considered Bale before dropping the idea.

Which brings us to today's poll--first we've had in some time, near as I can tell. Would you rather have Gareth Bale for 100 million or would you rather have what we have now?

My take? Hell if I know.

That doesn't make for a very interesting column but it is honest, at least. I could write hundreds of words ranting about why City made a horrible mistake in not getting Bale. I could write hundreds more countering the very idea that Bale is worth 100 million. Part of me thinks Gareth Bale added to last season's team means an EPL championship and a nice CL run. But another part of me believes that spending 100 million on one player is just a recipe for disaster--the player could get hurt, the player could fall off in performance, the player might cause considerable jealousy on and off the pitch.

As of right now, I'm leaning toward the idea that (gulp) we make a mistake. I know there is no guarantee even 100 million would have led Tottenham to sell Bale to a division rival and I know there are a myriad of other factors but it is this that fascinates me: City considered the idea of Bale and passed in order to execute the plan they have now. Remember last season, when Mancini said he needed RVP, Hazard, De Rossi and one other guy I can't remember to win? You know what's weird about that? RVP is better than Jovetic and Negredo, Hazard is better than Navas and De Rossi is better than Fernandinho. You don't think 97 million would've gotten those three instead of the four we have? I'm just sayin'...

The poll is below.