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Book review and competition: 'The Man Who Restored Pride' by David Mooney

UPDATE: Congratulations to Stephen Roche who I pulled out of the hat as the winner of the competition. Many thanks once again to David for providing a competition copy of the book.

Pride Cover photo 9780957311312.jpg

Unbelievably it is now just four weeks until the new season is upon us. A new season that brings with it a new start of course, with Manuel Pellegrini replacing Roberto Mancini as the man in charge.

It is unfortunate that with the way Mancini's time at the helm at the ended that history may not ultimately paint the fairest of lights on not only his time at the club, but the way in which the Italian helped bring about a change in attitude, culture and belief that helped drive City to the achievements of the past few years.

Fortunately, there is a new book that chronicles Mancini's time at the club. 'The Man Who Restored Pride' is the latest offering from David Mooney, the author of 'Typical City' and comes in at a light 150 pages, making for an enjoyable read and one that can be referred to time and again.

The book, just short of 150 pages is an enjoyable read and one able to be referred to time and again. It charts Mancini's era at the club, also offering more than the odd nod back to the less than successful days that preceeded him. 'The Man Who Restored Pride' contains a number of facts and stats, match reviews and analysis of the key moments that both shaped and defined his time in charge.

David, amongst many things, is also the host of the excellent Blue Moon podcast (I do recommend you check it out if you haven't already done so) and has generously made available a copy for readers of Bitter and Blue. So, simply email me at with the name of David's previous book.

Please send all answers by close of play this Friday, July 26th.

You can purchase the book directly from David's website