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City announce stadium expansion plans

Alex Livesey

As has been previously rumoured the club have announced plans to increase the capacity of The Etihad Stadium, embarking on a public consultation. Per The Independent:

Manchester City will table plans to expand capacity at both sides of their Etihad Stadium, giving them the potential to reach a 60,000 capacity after they have added a third tier to their South Stand.

They will leapfrog Newcastle and Sunderland to command the third highest capacity in the Premier League, after Manchester United and Arsenal. Though there is potential to expand both sides simultaneously and economies in undertaking one major project, it is likely that the South Stand will take the initial extra capacity, in a building project which will see the footprint of the Etihad expand by 16 metres.

City, who embarked on an exhaustive public consultation with local residents, intend to add 6,000 extra seats in the new tier, allowing them to introduce a £299 season ticket, and there is also a demand for an additional 2,400 seats for supporters seeking an element of upmarket hospitality at games.

Further details are the official site.