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Pellegrini sets out his stall

Stu Forster

New boss Manuel Pellegrini faced the press for the first time yesterday in a press conference before the side jetted off to South Africa on the first leg of their pre-season tour.

Early impressions are that press conferences and how Pellegrini deals with the press will be much different than under Roberto Mancini. Pellegrini, and this is something confirmed from his time in Spain, cut a measured, somewhat guarded, figure in response to the line of questioning.

In fairness, it wasn't the toughest line of questioning (certainly a different air than the one that greeted Mancini's arrival) but a couple of tricky questions were tossed his way in terms of City's disappointing Champions League performances and potential transfer targets. Pellegrini, however, rebuffed these well with his excellent command of English more than apparent.

Pellegrini made it clear that following an early conversation with Carlos Tevez that the Argentinian wanted to move, saying 'I spoke with Carlos and felt that Carlos did not want to stay here any more' and, after stating that both Jesus Navas and Fernandinho were players he requested, said he still wants to bring further players in.

Perhaps the most illuminating Pellegrini became was in terms of the anticipated style of play, inferring that this was a key reason in why he was brought to the club: 'I am here because of the way my other teams played' and that he wants City to adopt an 'attractive style and play in the opponents half'. A more pro-active approach than sometimes adopted by Mancini?

The two videos total around 20-25 minutes or so. Well worth checking out.