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City 0 - 0 Swansea: Post Match Thought..zzzzzzzz

Scott Heavey

Well, that was as uninspiring as my attempts to study for my upcoming finals; hopefully my mom doesn’t see this ;). But alas, with the league title already won, mid-week game and FA Cup final shortly after that, I can see why our attention today wasn’t fully on winning this match.

First, congratulations to the Lescott contingent on the birthday of their child today, which is why he was a late scratch from his starting role. Now, his experience would have been a helpful aid to our back four today, especially with Nasty having his worse performance in a City uniform this season, in my opinion. The back four was very unorganized, stretch, lazy (due to fatigue) and uninspiring, very reminiscent of what they showed earlier this season. To be fair, when they were asked to make a big stop, they did, and have been consistent all season, so they are allowed to be “poor” if they want, hell they’ve earned it. And I will not slight Swansea at all, I think they are a very strong side, so giving up no goals against a goal scoring side is very impressive.

Our attack today was as interesting as watching paint dry, and if I wanted to nap at 10 this morning, I would have waited for the golf to start on CBS! Anyway, it wasn’t that we didn’t try, but when we had glaring chances we found a way to screw it up. Sadly this sums up our season this year, and through our history (“Typical City” by David Mooney), two steps forward, one step back. As I mentioned previously I understand why we were pushing to score a goal because we are just trying to hold on to second mixed with a match packed week.

I found it funny today when Dzeko subbed on; the announcers discussed his likelihood of leaving the squad this summer because has been frustrated by his amount of substitutions, rather than starts. I’m pretty sure he displayed why he has been a featured sub throughout his City career with that miss today I mean goodness gracious! He may be our “top scorer” this season but this is a time where the numbers never lie line, well, lies.

What I was most disappointed by, and have been for the whole year, was RM’s substitution selections and timing in general. Mainly that of Aguero and Tevez, from the mid-way point of the first half anyone could tell that Aguero just wasn’t himself today, but it took until the 78th minute to get him off the field. Tevez immediately made an impact, supplying the pass that should have led to a goal if it wasn’t in the direction of Dzeko. Imagine what affect he would have had if he was subbed in sooner, rather than later. Hopefully, with the summer seeming to be slated for City acquiring big names, RM will be inspired to make better decisions because I believe he is “boycotting,” being managerial since he didn’t get what he wanted.

As for Man of the Match, I am completely open to suggestions, my first thought was to give it to the City fans that made the trip to Wales to watch this performance, and didn’t fall asleep. Seriously, I am trying to decide between Silva, Milner or Nasri because they were at least influential at some point in the game.

May the Fourth be with all the Star Wars nerds in our readers and enjoy Cinco de Mayo as well!

Aguero (4) – Like a lot of players today, he looked BAD, but I think it maybe due to a nagging injury. Hopefully I’m wrong in regards to the injury! It took RM way to long to get him out of the game, especially having the first sub be Dzeko for Yaya…

Silva (7) – One of our lone bright spots today, along with the two below him in the list. He did miss several great chances to put us up 1, most notably the miss seconds after the Dzeko gaff.

Milner (7) – When he gets the ball on the wing I always expect a great cross into the box, sadly we have no aerial threats to connect on them, but it puts the pressure on the defense. He did that today.

Nasri (7) – Another good performance by the Frenchmen today, him and Milner were the only positive going into the dressing room at half.

Yaya (4) – Being hampered to a DM role always seems to determine whether he will be influencial to the pace of the game or not. Subbed out before the second half, and couldn’t really get involved, especially in the uninspiring first half.

Barry (6) – Solid all around performance from Gareth today, not much more needs to be said for him.

Zaba (6) – Didn’t let the award of being apart of the PFA starting XI of the year get to his head (like that really would, though). He did everything he could to aid the attack today, making charging runs down the right wing, and even posting in the box to distribute passes.

Nasty (3) – Definitely not his best today, he looked his age. It’s going to happen in his first season, and after all of his great games this season, I don’t even think of him as a first-year player (in the EPL).

Kompany (5) – Average performance from the skipper today, when the defense looks confused I sort of put the blame, unfairly, on him because he is such an influence there.

Clichy (5) – He still looks to be drained a bit from sprinting down the side to aid in our attack. But, he did make an effort to get back, at times, to win the ball back.

Hart (6) – Whether it was the ineptitude of Swansea’s attack in the final third, luck, or his ability that kept the Swan’s off the score sheet, either way good job Jose!

Dzeko (3) – Ew, ew, ew.

Tevez (5) – Definitely should have been subbed in sooner for Aguero, but he had one big part in the game that should have led to a goal ….. If it wasn’t for Dzeko’s miss of the year candidate.

Rodwell (N/A) – Not enough time in the game, and had one touch that showed his rust.