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Shots: A Review of the 2012/13 Premier League Data

All things shots. For and against. Total and Efficiencies.

There is an awful lot of information to impart on this page, so I have decided to place it all in sortable tables so you the reader can experiment with the chart and search for whichever shots categories interest you the most.

I shall simply provide a short commentary on the various categories. Let's begin.

Total Shots

This chart features each teams shots for total, shots against total and then, finally, their Total Shots Ratio. TSR is pretty simple: TSR = Shots For/Total Shots(shots for + Shots Against)

Don't let anyone try to make you call this stat anything other than TSR !

Shots F Shots A TSR
Arsenal 598 403 59.74
Aston Villa 452 635 41.58
Chelsea 628 463 57.56
Everton 621 451 57.93
Fulham 460 638 41.89
Liverpool 746 434 63.22
Man City 659 396 62.46
Man Utd 559 485 53.54
Newcastle 524 494 51.47
Norwich 415 536 43.64
Qpr 500 598 45.54
Reading 396 633 38.48
Southampto 523 406 56.30
Stoke 390 550 41.49
Sunderland 414 634 39.50
Swansea 512 567 47.45
Tottenham 685 368 65.05
West Brom 503 592 45.94
West Ham 493 625 44.10
Wigan 501 535 48.36

Liverpool, Spurs and Man City were the top performing Shots For teams in the league. Stoke were fucking terrible and naturally prop up the league.

Villa, and Sunderland were in the bottom 3 in terms of shots against. Tottenham, Man City and Arsenal were the 3 teams who conceded the least shots.

TSR is a beautiful thing, it takes those two shots columns adds them together and then it takes shots for and divides them by the grand total number of shots. Get it?

There is a better, more accurate way to format TSR, but until the guy who thought of it publishes it, I am going to stay quiet.

Tottenham are the kings of TSR, followed closely by Liverpool and Man City. Man United are in 8th and this should tell u about the problems that TSR has when you don't slice it by Game State as I susually do. Still, United aren't and haven't been a great shots team for a while, Total Shots Ratio is a stat that can be bettered by other stats.

Despite all that, Reading are a disaster (but apparantly McDermott was the 11th best manager in the league). Just ahead of Reading's disastrous number is................Sunderland. Of course, it was always going to be Sunderland.

There is a simple I test I use to see if a team is really bad at certain shots statistics, it's called the Stoke Test. If a team records a worse shots based number than Stoke then the manager needs firing. Sunderland recording a worse TSR than Stoke did. It was worse than Stoke's all season.

Fulham were mighty close to failing the Stoke Test. Villa were even closer but get a half pass from me for fielding an exceptionally young side who should be better next year.

Shooting Efficiency For And Against

This next chart eplains each teams efficiency rating by taking their shots on target and dividing it by their total shots number. We do this for both the attacking numbers and the defensive numbers (prevention).

%SoT A %SoT F
Arsenal 35.24 34.28
Aston Villa 29.61 30.97
Chelsea 34.99 33.76
Everton 32.37 32.85
Fulham 33.07 35.00
Liverpool 30.88 30.97
Man City 28.79 34.60
Man Utd 30.52 38.10
Newcastle 37.45 33.21
Norwich 33.21 32.53
Qpr 34.45 29.20
Reading 36.65 32.58
Southampto 38.67 31.74
Stoke 29.82 29.23
Sunderland 32.81 33.33
Swansea 36.16 32.81
Tottenham 35.60 32.70
West Brom 31.08 34.19
West Ham 35.20 32.05
Wigan 34.21 33.73

%SoT Against tells us how good a team was at restricting opponents shots on target.

%SoTA = SoT against/Total Shots Against

%SoT For tells us how good a team was at getting their shots on target

%SoTF = SoT for/Total Shots For

This chart is all about efficiency. How good was a team at getting their shots actually on target, and how good were they in stopping their opponents doing the same.

% SoT against

Man City are the best team in the league at restricting their opponents shots. Aston Villa and Stoke are in the top 4. Southampton are propping up the league by this defensive statistic. Food for thought.

%SoT For

Man United are out on their own in this offensive efficiency statistic. QPR, Stoke and Liverpool are in the bottom three in terms of efficiency in getting their shots on target.

Anyhow, sort away. Play around.

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