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The 2012/13 Premier League Table

The 2012/13 Premier League season is in the books. It's over, and for City at least, the season lay somewhere between underwhelming and a step backward. Now that this season is over and can, given time, be forgotten it's time for me to break the season into a hundred tiny pieces and anayse it. This is the first post. There will be more. A lot more.

First up, The Premier League table. With some twists.

The Premier League Table 2012/13


Now, the league table can be found easy enough. You know how to do it, so I am not going to repost it here. In it's stead I have made the chart above. The size of the bubble indicates Total Points.

There is a gap in most statistics between the Big 7 and the rest, the Premier League table is obviously no different. To be a top 7 team it appears you need over 32 home points and above 25 away points. Everton with their crazy good home form and Liverpool with good away form are exceptions to this.

For Liverpool and Everton, two clubs with designs on the top 5, improvement is needed. It is probably fair to say that to crack the top 5 and gain a European place of any kind two things are required: 35 home points and 30 away points. Liverpool fail on the home points test, Everton on the away points test. Both clubs need to improve on a particular aspect of their form.

Down toward the bottom of the table we see QPR and Reading are adrift, Wigan went down on their home form and then we get to the remaining teams. The group of remaining 10 teams accumulated their points in all kinds of ways. Villa stayed up on their away form, West Ham excelled due to their home form, which masked away issues. The rest of the clubs are tightly bunched around each other, with West Brom being a slight exception. The Baggies had tremendous home form, especially early doors, and this masked the 8th worst away form in the league. West Brom really slowed down as the season went on, maybe it was fatigue, or the fact they knew they could neither rise nor fall too far. It will be interesting to see how they cope sans Lukaku.

Goal Difference

This is a sortable table, so play around with it!

Team Home GD Away GD Total GD
Man United 26 17 43
Man City 26 6 32
Chelsea 25 11 36
Arsenal 24 11 35
Tottenham 11 9 20
Everton 16 -1 15
Liverpool 17 11 28
West Brom 7 -11 -4
Swansea 2 -6 -4
West Ham 12 -20 -8
Norwich 5 -22 -17
Fulham -2 -8 -10
Stoke -1 -10 -11
Southampton 2 -13 -11
Villa -5 -17 -22
Newcastle -7 -16 -23
Sunderland 1 -14 -13
Wigan -13 -13 -26
Reading -10 -20 -30
QPR -15 -15 -30

There is all kinds of info wrapped up in that table.

Tottenham do not have a good GD at home, not as good as you might expect for a team who nearly quaified for the CL on the back of Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale.

Only West Ham and Norwich have a bigger home to away drop in goal difference than Man City do. City were, as they have been in recent years, a very good home team. but City's away form....well, that's for another time.

Everton are another team who were very good at home but nay good away. reading, Norwich and West Ham were butchered away from home. The relegated sides finished with the three worst Home goal difference numbers.

Anyway, play around, look for yourself.

The posts will come thinck and fast in the next few weeks. I apologize in advance.