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Micah Richards To Be Offered New 4 Year Deal

As per the Guardian

Clive Brunskill

Link is here

Any new deal for Richards would tie in nicely with Clichy's recent contract. It has been a trying season for Richards, injury and Zabaletta's form have meant this year can be viewed as a lost season somewhat. The next campaign will be pivotal for Micah, a new manager will be onboard and it will be interesting to see how many games Micah will play with Zabaletta continuing to impress on his march to becoming one of the leagues best right back's.

Micah's League Selection In 2012/13


This is not pretty. Micah missed a lot of time due to that knee injury so we give him a pass there, but this is a wasted season. I think the next two years are very important not just for his future at the club but for his development as a football too.