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City 2 - 1 United: Post Match Thoughts

Alex Livesey

Sure, this Derby may not of had the implications it did last season, but it would be pretty unlikely to have that two seasons in a row, although that was the thought at the beginning of the season.

City came out like a team that was 15 points back, and wanted nothing more than to beat there cross-town rivals at least once this season, United much the opposite. The Red Devils came out hoping for a draw and staying within their mind set all season, especially in the EPL, counter-attack, counter-attack, and counter-attack.

With the opposing mindsets, United, was extremely lucky to go into the second without having conceding a goal. After a less than threatening first half, the Red Devil’s came out looking to show City that they weren’t just going to let us have the game as they held much of the possession early. The first break through came when an awkward attempted back pass from the curmudgeon himself, Ryan Giggs, landed at the feet of Gareth Barry and the break was on for City, and after a switch of feet, Milner struck the ball beautifully with his left foot, and after a deflection ended up in the back of De Gea’s goal. It was a beautiful display of what City can do when working confidently together, as well as, their ability when fully healthy.

Due to unfortunate size of back muscles, Vinny, scored for the second straight match, as he noted on Twitter (see bottom). You could see that goal coming though as RVP + that angle + misjudged ball path by Vinny = goal. After that moment the momentum began to switch jerseys and it seemed that United, again, were looking for the tie, which would be a good enough result for them. But, when the beautiful Sergio Aguero was subbed on, the momentum swung to the Sky Blue jersey. Aguero displayed his ability to turn away from defenders, as he played keep away from what seemed like the entire United defense. The goal looked extremely similar to the one against QPR (not sure if you guys remember that goal), but this time Aguero did not need a last-ditch pass from Balotelli. Certainly the stakes were not as high, but this goal was even greater display of skill than the other.

A final note, the collective effort of the defense tonight was spectacular. Even though Nasty had a bit of a struggle tonight, when United broke on the counter attack, a position they have been deadly from all season, City’s defense kept their shape and held the attack to nothing.

Tweet of the day (Sure, a little self promotion this time): “Passed a SCUM fan on the walk to my car. 1) Had Madrid jersey on 2) didn't know when the game started. Clearly you're not a fan..... #Tool

Kompany’s post-game tweet: @VincentKompany31m

Can't stop scoring. Lol Phenomenal team performance! And to our fans.. #MCFC #MCFC #MCFC #MCFC #MCFC #MCFC #MCFC!! :-)

Tevez (7) – A great performance from Tevez today, although he couldn’t find the net, he was a constant pain in the side of the United defense. Faded a bit at the end of the game, but his role changed with the addition of Aguero.

Silva (5) – Not Silva’s best performance, and an injury adding to his night is not a good sign for City’s future fixtures. He had a few glimmers of his usually skill, but his touch was a bit off tonight.

Yaya (4) – Not his best game at all, he struggled fom the word go. He couldn’t find his form from the last few games, but he was still a presence in the box, and that is always beneficial for the attack.

Nasri (6) – another strong game from the Frenchmen, hopefully he can continue this run of form. This is no way impacts my opinion on him though, still not a fan.

Milner (8 MotM) – Great performance on both ends of the pitch for Milner today. Since he was on Villa I have always been a fan of his approach to a soccer game. He was a pain in the sides of every United defender, even the steroid using Phil Jones.

Barry (6) – Strong performance from Barry today, strong in the middle of the field, and in our defensive half. After looking over matched a few times this season, it is good to see him have a game like he did today.

Zaba (6) – Not his best today, but you can’t have your best game every game! He was beat a few times by dribbles from United attack, which is rarely something you see against Pablo. He did a great job of tracking back when United attempted to counter, and the right side was never a threat to lead to a goal.

Vinny (7) – other than the own goal, he had an extremely strong performance, especially in the box! He is a solid force when crosses comes flying into our box, and he always seems to have everything “under control” when it seems to be a pressure moment.

Nasty (5) – A bit over matched at times by the pace of RVP, which is to be expected. He was a tad late coming over on a few chances for United.

Clichy (6) – When we play against better sides and in important games, I think Clichy really shows his experience and skill. Last year when we play QPR (not sure if you will remember that game, hehe), every time he has possession, or defending, he has a confident domineer that keeps me calm. I could totally be alone on that one…

Hart (5) – The goal was certainly not his fault, it was just out of his reach. Sure, we could be picky and say he should have judged it better, but that would be splitting hairs really.

Aguero (7) – caused problem immediately, he’s quickness around the box gave a tired

United defense trouble. He’s goal was another magical display of his skill, when healthy.

Lescott (N/A)

Garcia (N/A)