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United v City: Q&A with Stretty News

A chat with United blog 'Stretty News' for more info on United.

Jamie McDonald

City clash with United today at Old Trafford (3:00 PM EST, ESPN). If you didn't already know this, well... get with the program! Unfortunately this game will not have as much significance as recent derbies, but it is still a derby and will hopefully be an intense match. I talked to Dale from United blog 'Stretty News' for more info on our foes from across town.

- B&B: With the title seemingly wrapped up, what would you like to see United accomplish in the final few weeks? Any team or individual player goals?

SN: All I want accomplished is the league mathematically. To do it in the style would be icing on the cake after last season. Team wise, it would be nice to see our wingers come into form.

- B&B: Who has been the nicest surprise this season? Most disappointing?

SN: Nicest surprise goes to Michael Carrick, and reasoning behind that has very little to do with his performances this season. The surprise is how long it has taken the vast majority to appreciate what he does on the pitch. Most disappointing, however, has to be Valencia. After the way he performed last year with a high level of consistency, most agreed Tony V deserved the number 7 shirt. Unfortunately though, he has performed awfully this season.

- B&B: Is it simply Robin Van Persie that has made the difference this season? Has there been anything else that has particularly caught your eye as a real improvement from last season that has allowed United to keep up generally consistent form throughout the season?

SN: Van Persie has made an impact, but there's more to it than that. The likes of Cleverley, Evans, Rafael, have all come out of their shells and are all constantly improving. The way we lost the league last year, I believe will help us down the line. We have a young squad that is hungry.

- B&B: Do you foresee any changes in tactics or personnel for the derby?

SN: I expect us to attack you from the kick off. Fergie will want to show Mancini a lesson or two about spouting drivel in regard to United. Don't expect the pair to share a bottle of wine after the game.

- B&B: Score prediction? Which positional battles do you think will be the most important?

SN: 2-0 United. Yaya Toure's inconsistent self will either tear you along or cause City more difficulties. All we need to do is go out and play our own game. City had more bite last season, so I'm pretty confident.

Thanks to Dale for his time.