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Preview: Manchester City vs Tottenham

Can Our Hero Provide Again?
Can Our Hero Provide Again?
Alex Livesey

Ok, so I know that we all know that we're toast. Or are we? Roberto Mancini has been telling us that for weeks now, but...we still might be able to pull it off.

After we win the match against Tottenham, we will be only 8 points back, with 5 games to go. I know that it's super unlikely, but I still think it can happen. If anyone can make it happen, it's the current group of choke artists that are wearing red, and play their matches just outside of Manchester.

We came back from 8 points down with 6 games to go last season. Let's come back from 8 points down with only 5 games to go this time!

Remember a few months ago when United players were openly talking about a treble? F those guys. I wanna win the double!

Here's United's run in.

Home to Aston Villa - I have no idea how they could lose this match, but even a draw would be huge

Away to Arsenal - Arsenal are insane. There is no way of knowing which team will show up.

Home to Chelsea - Chelsea pulled back from 2 down at Old Trafford just a few weeks ago. They can fight the pressure.

Home to Swansea City - No idea, but it could be another big win for Michael Laudrup to put on his resume.

Away to West Bromwich Albion - If anyone can, it's Lukakakukakukakuku.

Just saying, once we beat Tottenham tomorrow, you'd better believe that United are going to start stress vomiting as a group again. I don't envy the person in charge of cleaning the locker room at Old Trafford after United are in there before their match on Monday.


Ok, so here's the real stuff. Last time we played Tottenham, we started out with the now infamous 3-5-2 (which I hope never to see again personally. It just rubs me the wrong way). After going down early to a Caulker goal, Sergio Aguero got one back, before Edin Dzeko came on to once again save the day with an amazing finish. In truth, the game shouldn't have been close, since we weren't given either of two penalties that we should have.

For Tottenham, reports indicate that Gareth Bale will be in. Whether or not he will be 100% will be seen. It could just be that AVB has gotten desperate enough to rush him back. Tottenham are coming out of a rough stretch, with a ton of games in the Europa League. It's been 10 days since they've played though, so they will be ready to go.

For some reason, I get the sense that our players are ready to get going and put the pressure back onto United. Here's the lineup I expect to see:

Hart - played a great game against Wigan, and expect to see him prepared for the long range Gareth Bale shots

Pablo Zabaleta - Won't be able to attack forward as much, will probably lead to Milner playing on the right with him, so they can both cover Bale, and trade turns bombing in crosses.

Nastasic and Vincent Kompany - I don't think we see Lescott today. Not super worried about an aerial threat up front for Tottenham. We will need speed and cool nerves.

Clichy - Aaron Lennon might be able to return for Tottenham, but whether or not he can bomb up the touchline will have to be seen. Clichy could have his hands full there.

Yaya Toure and Gareth Barry - there has been talk of Javi Garcia or Jack Rodwell getting a run out in this match, but I think we need a partnership who know each other well enough to retain possession at a higher level.

James Milner and Samir Nasri. Going up against Bale, you can put good money on Milly starting on the right, teaming up with Pablo. David Silva is a possibility on the left, but with some hamstring issues for him and Sergio Aguero, it will be interesting to see whether or not Mancini chooses to play them. I think they both get another game off.

Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko. Tevez has been absolutely on fire. His goal against Wigan made me give a very loud yelp at work, even though I was supposed to be in the middle of something very important. He totally blew my cover. I forgive you Carlito. Do it again at White Hart Lane, eh?