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City 5 - 0 Barnsley: Post match thoughts

Matthew Lewis

Today was a great display of the quality City has when they’re all clicking. That being said they were playing against a lower tier team, which makes it easier to look good. I started writing this in the first half after Tevez’ second goal, because it was essentially over and I want to enjoy the rest of my Saturday, damnit! But, like I have mentioned in prior matches of this caliber, it could have pretty easy for City to have mailed it in before the first whistle was blown. Thankfully for my eyes and heart they didn’t.

The lineup selection was not too surprising given the opponent, and the injuries that have been plaguing City all season. Nasri and Silva put their “ego’s” aside (quotes because Silva really doesn’t have an ego) and played the way that would benefit City and send them in to the Semi’s at Wembley. They stayed out of one another’s way on attack, as Silva stuck to the middle, and Nasri stuck outside. City clicked extremely well together, much like they have been for the last three matches, making it even harder for this Blue to decide on a “clever” name for our attacking players.

After a very headline filled week for Mr. Tevez, he will make headlines in a positive way after DRIVING (ZINGER!) the ball into the net not once, not twice, but three times! Not only did he score, but he also set the pace for City’s attack, which has been a theme I’ve noticed this season. City’s attack will play as their feature forward does, and whenever Tevez plays, there is constant pressure on the opponents’ defense, effectively or not.

Barnsley attempted early in the game to apply pressure on our back four. Now, they probably would have regardless of the combination at the back, but I think having Lescott in there was probably the deciding factor for the Tykes’ brain trust.

The second half was a little less “exciting,’ as the game was pretty much in hand, but Tevez added to his tally recording his third and final goal, and Silva, oh Silva <3, got a much deserved goal for his form this season.

Other than the addition of ABDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL, which reminded me of a spring training baseball game, as he wore #62. I was also glad that Sinclair got a chance to stretch his leagues on the pitch, because he really has been unfortunate to not get more playing time this season.

If you are in need of any jokes SufferingBruin and I will be more than happy to supply you with any zingers. James Milner had quite a busy afternoon, not only was he coaching Barnsley, but he also got to play in the final 15-18 minutes of the match, what a multi-tasker!

Much like me in my recreational basketball days, Yaya, gets himself in a lot of trouble via his mouth with officials. As much as I love when he plays his game, he can be a liability because he is very opinionated, and if the ref is not on his side he’ll let him have it!

Something to look for: In the 75th minute Carlos requested to come off the pitch as he looked to be hobbling, hopefully this is just a knock and not something more serious because we need Tevez to finish this season on a high note.

Dzeko (6) – He had a couple of opportunities to score via the header or foot, but he couldn’t find the net. When he is paired with Tevez he seems to be more awake, than he does when playing with Aguero. Not sure if I am just seeing things, but that is what I see.

Tevez (8 MotM) – What a game for this man, after finding his way into the slammer just a few days ago he came out and put on a great performance. He was the DRIVING force in our attack! Doesn’t get old does it ;). Finally, Tevez earned himself Man of the Match today.

Nasri (6)- I hate to admit it, but he had a solid performance at midfield today. Granted the competition was not up to EPL “standard” but he still could have mailed it in.

Silva (7) – HE GOT A GOAL!!! A goal has simply avoided going in for him this season and it was good to see him finally get one. He works so hard to get other people goals, it is a treat when he gets one for himself.

Yaya (6) – I would have given him a 7 for his performance today, but his mouth dropped him a point in my eyes. His yellow card was a stupid one and could risk missing a final match if he gets another card for dissent.

Barry (5) – He had a quiet game today, but I was happy to see him get back into the stating lineup. He was strong in the midfield and paired well with Yaya, allowing YT to push forward and be an attacking option.

Kolarov (6) – Decent performance from Kolarov today, scored a goal with a strong left footed strike. Other than the goal he pretty much played he usually does, but his attacking prowess was not necessary in a match like this one.

Lescott (6) – When he runs, it reminds me of my running style when I’m running away from something scary in a nightmare. But, after struggling to adjust to the pressure being applied by Barnsley, and he showed pure strength when defending on ball.

Kolo (6) – Toure continued his bright contract year form, and is putting more pressure on the City suits to decide what to do with him this summer.

Pablo (5) – I think we are becoming spoiled by his performances this season because they have been so consistent. Because I have seen him do this all season I gave him a five, but that doesn’t mean he played at a “5” level.

Pantimilion (4) – Not really tested today, but when he had to make a save he did a good job of holding on to it and not letting it roll away from him.

Sinclair (5) – Good to see him get on the field, he didn’t really affect the game much but he tried.

Razak (10!!!!..4) – He definitely was trying to get the most out of his appearance, especially when he had his wayward shot “towads” goal. Hey, I would have done that exact same thing.

Milner (5) – Got a nice shot on goal that caromed off the post, but it’s understandable figuring as he was trying to coach Barnsley while playing. Doesn’t bode well for his future as a coach, thankfully I am not being serious.