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Open Thread: EPL Action

Shaun Botterill

Hold your tears Citizens, City may not be playing this weekend, but there is still a lot of EPL action sure to keep you entertained.

Sorry, had to use this video. For one, Kevin Hart kills me every time, two it gets you ready for some EPL action. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIIIIIIGHT!

Tottehan takes on Arsenal in the North London Derby. Tottenham with all the momentum headed into this fixture will this continue? Or has Wenger figured it out and keep his boys in the hunt for Champions League position? We’ll find out! And with all the news about Bale’s future as a Spur, will this be a distraction for the team and Bale? Or will they be brushed to the side?

The Red Devils hot Norwich City, as they look to increase their strangle hold lead on the league. Will the Canaries pull off the upset and give City a glimmer of hope (but not really)? Jeez, I hope so!

Oh Chelsea…. And I’m not talking about that cute girl that I haven’t mustered up the courage to talk too I mean the soccer team. After their 2-0 F.A. Cup victory over Middleborough, Benitez had some choice words for the Chelsea supporters. Will their match against West Brom be another slip up leading to a "walk of shame," or will they silence the critiques?

Finally, Swansea takes on New Castle at Liberty Stadium. Why am I focusing on this one game? Because I’m selfish and my fantasy team, the "Mani Mani Mancini’s," needs points and having struggled earlier in this season due to managerial slip up’s and poor strategic choices on match day have lead to relegation fight! And in more serious reasoning, both teams are playing extremely well of late and this has all the makings to be a goal producer.

Comment away everyone......