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Monday's links

Michael Regan

Well nothing too news worthy in terms of our boys but I got some funny news, and some not so funny news. So, to keep with the rich tradition of news sharing, I’ll start with the not so good news.

Tottenham continues to struggle in their international travels, not on the field, but off. Earlier this year when traveling to Italy to play Lazio, the Italian fans ambushed a group of Tottenham fans in a local bar. Now, Lazio’s fans are infamous for being extremely radical, but still it was an extremely scary scene. This time it was the players receiving racial chants from the Inter Milan fans. Next, coin throwing from the West Ham fans this Sunday. After former Hammer Frank Lampard scored his 200th goal for Chelsea, a coin was thrown towards the midfielder as he celebrated. Two fans have been arrested over the act and more will come later on the proceedings I'm sure.

Okay, lets brighten the mood a bit! The hilarious case of Peter Odemwingie continues, and this time it was his own social media providing the headlines. Odemwingie hit “the Twitter” this weekend criticizing how West Brom’s has handled his playing time since the awkward QPR fiasco.

Okay, I think everyone will agree with me when I say City needs a team-driving instructor! This time it wasn’t Tevez, but Micah Richards facing a driving ban after failing to respond to a speeding notice. I am about to graduate and am seriously considering applying to be the driving instructor. Last bit of team news comes from our EDS team, they lost 3-2 today to Norwich’s EDS but John Guidetti supplied both of City’s goals.