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5-on-5 Roundtable: Who are these guys?

Who are the people on this blog? Five questions to find out the answer.

Just a who do you guys think you are, 'ey?
Just a who do you guys think you are, 'ey?
Matthew Lewis

We've been at this awhile now and yet, do our readers really know us other than by our cleverly selected monikers (except, you know, the boss who uses his real name). They do not. And do our readers really know the folk making claims about our beloved Citizens and making claims about the game as a whole? They do not.

The weekly 5-on-5 Roundtable seeks to correct this by making the questions a mite more personal. As always, feel free to post your own responses to one or more questions in the comments. To wit:

1. Outside of Man City, what is your favorite football team?

Danny Pugsley - I have a huge crush on Milan. It stems from seeing them destroy Real Madrid 5-0 whilst on holiday in Spain way back in 1989. This was the side of Van Basten, Gullit and Riijkard and when Serie A came to UK screens in the early 1990's it really took off. I've made just the one San Siro visit so far but who knows, maybe City gets a trip there soon enough.

sonics097- I have a couple other teams that I like, but no clear cut 'second' team. In England, I like Leicester in the lower leagues. Honestly just came about a few years ago when I got bored using City in Football Manager and chose more of a challenge with Leicester. I do like the club though. Abroad, I like Bayer Leverkusen in Germany, as well as Dortmund's playing style. Here in the MLS, I'm a local NY Red Bulls fan. It's tough for me because a friend of mine that I grew up playing with plays for Philadelphia now, but I have to hate them.

Lafaitele - Uhhh....I've been told I need to support an (An) MLS team by many people, so I am going to try and follow the Houston Dynamo. I went to CONCACAF Champions League match v Santos Lagunas, and it was ok. I find it really difficult to watch teams with lower quality players, but I'm going to try my best.

Kmoney205 - In my hometown I work at a pizza shop, and one of my managers is a guy from Napoli, Italy. So obviously, he is a huge fan of Napoli and remembers the days when they were always top notch, and also the days when they were terrible. Listening to his stories I have come to like Napoli.

2. Outside of anyone in a Citizen uniform, who is your favorite player?

Danny Pugsley - Zlatan. A phenomenal talent with an attitude that you either love or hate. Imagine him in a City shirt?

sonics097- Another category where I can't settle on one, but I'll name a few. I've been a Ribery fan for a long time now. I love his style, aggression, and passion. Still a Balotelli fan, too. Other players in the Premier League would be: Gerrard, Cabaye (one of the most underrated players), and Bale. Big admirer of Xabi Alonso and Juninho (the old one, who plays for the Red Bulls now and remains in my opinion, the greatest free-kick taker of all-time). And before he retired, I loved watching Zidane. My favorite Americans are Dempsey and Michael Bradley.

Lafaitele - I love Edison Cavani. He is just silky smooth. He often seems entirely effortless. I look forward to him joining City during the summer transfer window.

Kmoney205 - Does Mario count? If so it would definitely be him. But, because it probably doesn't count I would have to say Kevin Pince Boatang, and that is because he has the same name as me. Since the World Cup when he played for Ghana where I came to like his style of play. He is flashy, skilled and powerful, all of which are aesthetically pleasing to me.

3. Which player would you like to see placed in a cement bottom boat in the middle of the Atlantic? In other words, which player do you sports-hate, however unreasonably?3.

Danny Pugsley - Perhaps age has dulled my ability to hate players but there isn't any one player I truly hate. If I had to be pressed though I'll admit to a dislike of Rio Ferdinand, no specific reason just something rather annoying about him.

sonics097- Easily Wayne Rooney. There's no one even close. There's nothing to like about him if you aren't a United fan. I think his petulance on the field and behavior towards referees is very poor, and to top it off there's always the criticism he had of the England fans in the 2010 WC. Oh and, I still don't understand how he got away with handing in a transfer request a few years ago and then got rewarded with a fat new contract a few days later. Some poster boy he is.

Lafaitele - Rio Ferdinand. What a wanker. Just a complete and utter tosser. He is so overrated. He's old and slow, and just a mean guy with a huge inferiority complex. I hope he ends up alone and bitter in about 10 years. Other Red Devil I would wish this fate on : Vidic. I don't like the rest of the team, but I don't hate them as much as I do those two. Just thinking about them makes me mad.

Kmoney205 - Wayne "F-ing" Rooney, and that isn't just cause he plays for the rags. He just has this smugness about him that I can't stand. He is ugly, "bald," and gives looking like Shrek a bad name (just because Shrek was a hilarious movie).

4. Where were you on 5/13/12 and what do you remember of that day?

Danny Pugsley - I was in a pub in Manchester with some friends. I remember a real sense of deflation that enveloped most of the afternoon, which in the blink of an eye dissipated. It was almost a sense of disbelief afterwards in trying to digest what had happened. I do remember thinking later that evening that they would never top that particular moment again, no matter what and how they may win anything else. And for the next three or four days I was totally and utterly drained.

sonics097- I'll never live this one down. I didn't get to see the match live. I was at a friend's graduation that I was sort of forced into going to. To make matters worse, I had no cell reception and thus had no idea what was going on. I didn't know this initially, so I took my friends' silence as a sign that we had lost. Of course, I eventually found out all that happened on a phone call and couldn't believe what I had missed. The second I got home I replayed the entire match on ESPN3 and downloaded an HD copy of the match. So yeah. I suck.

Lafaitele - I had just gotten home from working an all-night shift. I had been wearing my David Silva jersey for almost 24 hours. I skipped out on breakfast with me fiancee (now wife), because she was wanting to do wedding plans while I watched the game on mute (she has since learned better than to make requests of that nature). When we went down 2-1, I grew disconsolate, and angry. I was so mad that I started to shake. When Dzeko scored, I began to jump up and down, yelling at my small computer screen. My roommates heard the noise and came into the room. The moment that Sergio "Can Do No Wrong" Aguero scored, I ripped my jersey off and started waving it over my head, screaming like an idiot. I watched the clips of the game over and over and over again over the next few months, to the point that it was my most visited page on my computer.

Kmoney205 - Oh, do I have a story about this. So, I was home for the second half of my college academic year working in an internship. After nervously watching the storming comeback, and the collapse from the comfort of my home, I decided not to change my routine (if you couldn't tell, I'm very superstitious). I went down stairs in my Game Day attire to sit and watch our beloved Blues win the League in an easy game, or so I thought! My brother and two of his friends came down for a beer tasting the day before, so they sat down with me to watch the game. Quick disclaimer, my brother is the worst person to watch a sporting event with because his "oh s***, this is not good" mentality is contagious. After Pablo put us ahead 1-0, I was like "boom, it's in the bag, we got this," if we had lost I would have blamed myself for the loss. When the game clock struck the 88th minute, I was in absolute shambles saying "why, I hate sports, I know how Red Sox fans felt and now I have to wait a whole other year to win the league!" As I mentioned earlier, my brother's comments were not helping to lower my blood pressure (i.e. "what is that guy (Dzeko) doing? He should have totally scored there."). Thankfully he did, and when Mario dumped off the pass that lead to Aguero's tearing jerking goal, I went absolutely nuts! I screamed so loud I scared the crap out of my brother's friends, who were not soccer fans and were not quite sure why this was such a big deal, because we had won I was in the mood to described why it was. Just recently I tried to show my friends the progression of my tweets that day but twitter would not allow me to go back that far. So there you have it, my unnecessarily long recap of 5/13/12.

5. Finish this sentence: "If I were placed in charge of everything Man City during the off-season, the first thing I'd do is _______________.

Danny Pugsley - I would sign one of the powerhouse strikers (Cavani or Falcao), a dominant deep lying midfielder and a top quality addition in defence. Then I would fashion an approach to make it all work in the Champions League.

sonics097- faint, probably. When I eventually wake up I would probably run 20 laps around my backyard, and then stare at the wall for 10 minutes as I realize the immense pressure placed upon me. Then when I finally get down to business, I'd probably try to sell Dzeko for a nice fee and move for Cavani. And after that, I'd pay for a vacation for my mom with that nice manager's contract.

Lafaitele - The first thing I'd do is....Sell Nasri, Lescott, Garcia, and Sinclair, even at a loss. They are all quality players who don't fit into the style that our best players (Silva, Yaya, Aguero, Kompany) need around them. They will do well for other teams, and I wish them well. They are not quite good enough to play with us. It's the difference between very good, and world-class. I know that Mancini knows that, and that Begiristain and Serrano know that as well. We will get some quality players in this summer.

Kmoney205 - Buy a striker, and a box-to-box midfielder, hold the fries!