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City 2-2 Liverpool: Scoring Chances

City came away with a point but the scoring chances told a different story

Alex Livesey

An interesting game for sure. For the first time this season City were actually outchanced in a game; and then some. Having trailed in scoring chances created at half time by 4-3, City were outchanced by a margin of 7-4 in the second half making the game totals 11-7 in favour of Liverpool.

This is certainly uncharacteristic as coming into the game City were allowing less than four scoring chances per game. Post-game their season totals are 256-102, averaging out at 10.24-4.08, so not only did City concede more than their season average they managed fewer too.

Perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised that City conceded twice having allowed so many scoring chances; their average number conceded per goal being 4.85, whilst they themselves score a goal every 5.44 scoring chances.

After strong defensive performance in recent weeks there were a number of mistakes that directly resulted in scoring chances last Sunday (one from Javi Garcia which led to Liverpool's opener through Daniel Sturridge).

Also out of character was the lack of contribution from the front pair with Sergio Aguero a +1 and Edin Dzeko not registering. The key players were David Silva (once again) with a +4 and James Milner (also +4) who is an impressive +17 through his last five games and is now as productive as Samir Nasri in terms of chances created per 100 touches.

Individual totals (click to enlarge):


And the season totals, which show David Silva closing in on Carlos Tevez having now posted the most scoring chances at an even game state (click to enlarge):