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QPR 0-0 City: Scoring Chances

A little late, but a quick look back at the scoring chances from the goalless draw at Loftus Road

Mike Hewitt

Not a huge number of scoring chances from this game with City outchancing QPR 8-3 over the ninety minutes. However, at the half City were ahead 3-2 and it was not until the seventieth minute onwards that City had their final five scoring chance as they put the pressure on and QPR attempted to hold out.

This means that City have now outchanced opponents 249-92 through 24 games, which averages at 10.37-3.83 per game. City are also converting one goal per 5.93 scoring chances created and allowing one goal per 4.84 scoring chances allowed.

Inividually, David Silva and Sergio Aguero (the two 'form' players in this respect) led the way with a +3 rating whilst Edin Dzeko, a late substitute, was a +2.

The individual totals (click to enlarge):