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Some links for your Thursday

Enjoy this spread of tabloid crap!

Is he staying, or going? What has or hasn't changed in the last 8 days? Do you even know who he is?
Is he staying, or going? What has or hasn't changed in the last 8 days? Do you even know who he is?
Paolo Bruno

I know that you are itching to hear more about what is happening in the crazy transfer meetings that Manchester City brass are having. Here are some of the highlights.

1. Pedro Obiang is going to stay in Serie A, which deals a blow in City's chase for the midfielder, unless you weren't aware that we were chasing the midfielder. Even then, the blow to the chase that you didn't know about, because no one really knew about, is a very serious blow. The chase for Obiang, which has extended a rather lengthy 8 days, might be over, since City's dogged and determined pursuit has been dealt a very serious and life-threatening blow. More on this as the story does or doesn't develop. Or if any more blows are dealt to any hopes that may or may not exist.

2. Matej Vydra. We are now staking an interest in the 20 year old Udinese striker who is currently on loan at Watford. CLICK ON THE LINK!!!! There is a picture of Roberto Mancini with that unnamed hottie sitting behind him. You remember her from an article a few weeks ago. Anyway, there is also information that we are tracking his development, which is coming along nicely (20 goals in 28 matches for Watford). The point of this link was the hottie behind Mancini, who gets a second appearance on the site. More on this as pictures of Mancini with her in background are found.

3. Eliaquim Mangala. Manchester City are lining up a move for the 22 year old Porto defender. The price mentioned (£17m) seems a little high for a player without a senior national team call up, but he is very highly rated. This is the one rumor that might actually have an accidental piece of truth to it. Even the tabloids can get one right occasionally. More on this as blind tabloids find additional acorns.

4. In Edison Cavani news, Manchester City are going to be out of luck since Real Madrid are going to throw piles of money at Cavani. They are most definitely, 100%, no doubt, positively, you can bet Cristiano Ronaldo's life on it, going to activate the £55m release clause in Cavani's contract. Mancini will now concentrate on other signings. More on this, as the papers continue to assure everyone that they are 100 million% positive that Madrid will get him.

5. This week in confusing tabloid headlines. "Barry: I want to end his career with Man City." Feel free to read that a few more times in sheer confusion. Is Gareth Barry saying that "I want to end his (not sure who 'he' is, maybe he is plotting to destroy Samir Nasri) career with Man City. Or is Mancini saying that? Is someone else saying it? Or since there are no quotes anywhere in the article, is it just proof that people can't use correct grammar to save their lives? More on this, as learns how to write in English.