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Monday's links!

Alex Livesey

Oh, we’re going to have some fun today! And after a huge performance yesterday by our beloved Blues against Chelsea, why shouldn’t we?!

Okay, let’s start off giving you some reaction to the much discussed PK save from Joe “wash your hair” Hart! All of our English readers must decide which Hart PK save will be more memorable to them? Double save versus Brazil or PK save versus Chelsea, you decide in the poll at the end!

Let’s continue the fun, Manchester City’s team site is holding a competition amongst fans this week. If you think you look like one of our boys, send them your picture and you could win some pretty awesome prizes. Personally, I think I look like Silva, but I’ll let the rest of you have your shot at winning this contest ;). Sorry to the Bleacher Report poo-pooers, but they had a good top 5 and top 10 football look-a-like, so here ya go!

For those of you who are not following the saga of Mario Balotelli, he made the news again, but not in the way you’d think (off field altercations). During their derby match against Inter, the Inter fans directed racial comments and gestures towards Mario, but he took the “high road” when he simply put his finger to his mouth and shushed them. It seems Mario has come along way since the Euro’s this summer when he claimed he would kill anyone who threw a banana at him, and/or walk off the pitch if anything was said to him during a match.