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Bring Out Yer Links!

(insert Monty Python scene complete with old woman in the background hitting a cat against a wall)

Who will be joining these gents? Find out in the LINKS
Who will be joining these gents? Find out in the LINKS
Shaun Botterill

Here we go. Busy day of clicking ahead of us. Do you wanna hear about transfer rumors, drama at Manchester City, or what is actually going on?

Right. Drama first. Don't you want to know who the leading choices are for who will replace Roberto Mancini? You know this list is realistic when you have on it Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Conte.

Another mutiny rumor. This one is a bit lazy, since it is from yesterday, but reads the same as the reports from last week. Disappointing.

Look, this is a bit awkward, but I can't seem to find a Mario Balotelli leaving Man City story today. I apologize. The various tabloids must have taken a day off or something. Doesn't seem to be any more drama today.

Moving right along, here are your transfer rumors. We have some good ones. First, if Lewandowski leaves Dortmund, then Dortmund will swoop in for Edin Dzeko. Although apparently they will only pay £15m for him (I bet Begiristain gets more than that though).

In other Dortmund news, City have added Marco Reus and Jesus Navas to the shopping list. Other current members of the list, Radamel Falcao and Neymar have their own updates. Another new face, Isco, says that he would not be opposed to a big transfer fee from a big club. There's a great picture with Isco and Edison Cavani (who I keep saying is the number one item on my wish list). We've also been scouting the next Yaya Toure at Sevilla.

Actual Manchester City News. Not too bad. We have the instant-classic Harlem shake, that City did. It features Aleksandar Kolarov reprising his role as the guy with no facial expressions that makes you terrified.

If you want something of real substance, feel free to take a gander at this from Think Football looking at how Chelsea and Manchester City have done under their billionaire owners.