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Monday's Daily Links

Alex Livesey

On to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup! For those who may be living under a rock, 1. OUCH and 2. Early Sunday morning, for us State side readers; City beat Leeds United 4-0. Better yet, we were given quite a comfortable draw in the next round, playing Barnsley at home. And for you gamblers out there, shame on you, but seriously Sky Bet has placed City as 13/8 favorites to win the FA Cup.

As much as I love to watch Man U. lose in any form of competition, I feel a bit conflicted with their upcoming FA Cup tie with Reading. To see Man U. lose this match would be funny, for a moment, but if they win, City will have a chance to beat the Devils and end their run for a league double (League winners and FA Cup winners). So, for today go Red Devils (vomit).

On to a funnier bit of news, the ever-apprehensive Mancini when it comes to the media, made headlines again. After former City player, Danny Mills, suggested that Mancini will be gone by the end of the season, RM responded by saying he has been the best manager in England over the last 15 months.