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Wednesday's Daily Links

Messi says he will join City one day!

David Ramos

- Alright, just kidding. Well if we can't have Messi, how about Cristiano Ronaldo? That one can be scratched off as well. At least it's still possible in FIFA.

- Ever hop on board a train, and wish you might run into a celebrity or two? Unlikely, yes, but good ol' Vincent Kompany, Roberto Mancini, Joe Hart, and James Milner have assured us regular folk that we can get the next best thing.

- Too early for summer transfer rumors? Nah. Not with City. Mancini admits to being a fan of Sampdoria's Mauro Icardi, Juventus may be willing to sell Arturo Vidal and City may be interested, Barcelona winger Alexis Sanchez's possible exit might have City 'on alert', and the Daily Express claims that City are keeping tabs on Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez.

- Oh, and Christian Eriksen, too.

- The BBC compares how City and United have dealt with this season, following last season's triumph and collapse, respectively.

- Edin Dzeko and the Seven Dwarves? Uhh, sure. Get the movie rights, Disney.

- And here's a funny, but true, picture of David Silva.