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Southampton 3-1 City: Scoring Chances

Just when you thought you'd heard the last from this game....

Mike Hewitt

After City were outchanced 11-7 against Liverpool they made it two games in a row at Southampton last weekend. It was a game of few chances, with the hosts prevailing 5-4 (4-3 in the first half and just a scoring chance apiece after the break).

This was certainly City's lowest tally of the season and in conceding three from five scoring chances dented their season average. City now has outchanced their opponent 260-107 this season, an average of 10-4.11 per game (we can see City are below this in the past two fixtures). They are now taking 5.41 chances per goal and conceding 4.45 for every goal conceded.

Individually, no-one covered themselves in glory with only David Silva - on the shoulder of Carlos Tevez now - at more than a +1. The full individual numbers are as follows:


And the season totals: