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Daily Links: Disgust, shame, change, managerial musical chairs, and president Pablo

Gabriele Maltinti

First note: Who's that girl behind Mancini in that picture?!? And how may she become my wife?

Well, cue the preemptive managerial hot seat at the Etihad. After City’s much reported 3-1 loss to Southampton, that essential gave Manchester United the title after their 2-0 win over Everton, Mancini’s job has been a hot topic. If the owners are to make a change, it seems the players would like to have Football Development Excutive Patrick Viera as their choice. Roberto has made it known that he will be making changes to the lineup in the coming matches, summed up by this: "I only want players who are ready for the fight in the last 12 games," Mancini addressed the players that he’s awarded the “scarlet letter" too, and aren't "fighting." Now, you maybe surprised, or not, by some of the names listed in the article from the Manchester Evening News.

We have all expressed our frustrations with City's recent run of form, and I believe my favorite blogger said it best in his thoughts from Saturday. If you don't follow @viewfromablue, you should, and if you don't have a twitter, well...touche! Anyway, he is 100% on target with his sediments from the weekend, it was just embarrassing, and hopefully it was a wake up call for the club!

I would like to think that with the pressure off, not only mathematically, but from our leader as well. As United seemingly will finish the season at the top of the EPL, the pressure is off, now we can relax and finish the season on a high note by qualifying for Champions League, and hopefully winning the FA Cup (I would like a new shirt, please).

With so much negative I believe we need a little pick me up, and an to a brighter note, one of our favorite players, Pablo Zabaleta, was named City’s player of the month, for the second time in as many months. Pablo’s importance to our team has increased exponentially as City continues to struggle in the month of February. Congratulations to the Argentinean, and here's to another successful month, and possibly a "three-peat."