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Post match thoughts: MCFC 3 - 0 Swansea

Clive Brunskill

With a shaky first half, it looked like we’d be heading into the locker room at 1-1, until that late goal. Despite that, we kicked into high gear after the break. It's incredible – and frustrating - to think that we can just turn it on and off when we want at times. Of course, we leave it too late on occasions. In today’s game we gave Swansea plenty of opportunities to level the score before half time, but they were unable to do so.

The talent-gap was on full display during the game. Each of the three goals scored was a testament to the combined ability of our team. Negredo took advantage of a free kick right outside the box, giving the goalie no chance of making a save. Nasri was the beneficiary of great build up play and excellent passes that caught him in stride. You can't say enough about our attack at the moment, and lets hope I continue to have reason to say that "I can't say enough".

There were times, especially during the first half, where Swansea were on the break that we gave them way too much time on the ball. We were too slow in getting back, leaving Lescott and Demichelis on an island. Luckily, Swansea could not convert those opportunities, but this is an issue that was of concern earlier this year.

Who is this Nasri by the way, and what has been done to the unassertive player who had become a shell of the player he was with Silva out? His touch; superb. His finishing; top notch. Whatever Pellegrini has been having him eat on game day he should continue eating. He has been spectacular all season, and today was the best of it so far as he grabbed two goals. Wish he got the third one though.

We have some tricky games coming up on the calendar, starting with West Brom midweek, followed by Southhampton; both games will be road tests, and tough ones at that. If we get the full amount of points from these two games, I believe this will begin to reverse any thought of our road jinx. You may think otherwise, but I believe it is always a thought in the back of the players’ minds. Come on City!

Aguero (7) - if he gets a goal, easy 8. But, he couldn't get one, as his finishing touch eluded him in this game. His missed chances are what made me give him a 7. If this was a closer game, it could have been a talking point (harsh I know).

Negredo (8) - What a beautiful free kick. It was a no doubter once it left his foot (that sound right?). He used his strength and power to push through the Swansea defense.

Nasri (9 Man of the match) - I mean, just read what I wrote above, it says it all. Easy man of the match selection this week.

Yaya (7) - His pass to set up Nasri for his second goal was magnificent. Before that, though, he was less than inspiring for most of the game. He was too slow at getting back when Swansea broke out.

Fernandinho (7) - Mr. Everything midfielder! If only he could get that ever-elusive goal, then we would be talking.

Navas (7) - Couldn't grab s goal in the first 13 seconds this time, but he played well, again, today. Let's hope last week was the springboard to top form.

Zabaleta (7) - his partnership with Navas on the right has quietly effective. They put a lot of pressure on any teams defense.

Demichelis (7) - other than getting turned inside out by De Guzman, he has another solid 90. I would have loved to see him get that headed goal; you know only spectacular hair photos would follow.

Lescott (7) - The last two games I've seen (not counting the Plzen game) he has seen a return to his form from two years ago. Today was no different, excellent interceptions and well timed tackles.

Clichy (7) - Just like Lescott, he has been steadily improving this season. Showed his quickness when attackers came at him. If only we could make a hybrid of Clichy and Kolarov, then we would have a stable left back. COME ON SCIENCE.

Pantilimon (7) - I feel really confident when he is in net. Just the way he barks out orders, he seems like a seasoned veteran. He had another good game between the posts. This goalie situation could get interesting.

Milne (7) - easily our most influential substitution. He has a knack for getting the ball and taking it at defenders, no time wasting.

Kolarov (N/A)

Dzeko (6) - Got into the action and put his stamp on proceedings. He worked well to set up a chance for Nasri to get his third.