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Match report: City 3 - 1 Leicester

Mike Hewitt

With a much stronger lineup than anticipated, City won 3-1 over Leicester City and have advanced to the semi-final of the league cup.

Kolarov got the Blues off to a strong start with, from what I heard and read, was a beautifully taken free kick. After that Leicester tried to level the score, but a header from Dzeko put City up 2-0 in the first half. I was not listening during the second half action but Dzeko, again, put City up 3-0 after some more great combination play between Milner and him. Leicester added a late goal to only soften the defeat, but it was an efficient display by City.

Like I previously stated, I was only able to listen to the first half of play but from what I heard there were some very strong performances by City player’s today. Rodwell, very similarly to the game against Norwich last season, was playing like a man possessed. He was full of intent moving forward. Milner, Silva and Kompany played the way they always do. But, Milner was the most impressive as he assisted on both of Dzeko’s goals. And then, there’s Dzeko. Two goals, but up until his first goal he seemed unlikely to have such an impact. But, to his credit he waited his time, and took advantage of the chances he had (although he muffed one earlier). His form will be very important going forward, while Aguero is out.

Obviously, the injury to Pablo is a MAJOR issue, and that can’t be overstated. Boyata came in and Leicester looked to take advantage of him being newly introduced to the game. Things may have changed in the second half, but during the first half he seemed to struggle. What do you think City will do in January to fill the hole at right back? What were your impressions from the game, Blues? And, if you were fortunate enough to find a stream/coverage, let us know how it looked!

The semi-final draw is tomorrow. City will face Sunderland (thanks to a Ki goal, pun intended), Man U/Stoke or West Ham/Tottenham.