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O Captain, My Captain! Kompany Gone a Month

Thigh Strain Leaves City Without Kompany

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Four Weeks
Four Weeks
Michael Regan

According to this, Kompany is out four weeks. That means he misses West Ham, Moscow, Chelsea, Newcastle and Norwich. However, as the redoubtable E Lectric Kompany points out, injured Citizens have an uncanny ability to come back earlier than expected so let's wait and see about that four weeks. For the time being, however, that leaves us with some ugly options at the back:

  1. Play the left-footed duo of Nastasic and Lescott (cue City fans grimacing in pain).
  2. Play Richards along with either Nastasic or Lescott, even though Pellegrini stated he doesn't see Richards as a CB, even though the Micah Richards we knew and loved in the championship season hasn't been seen in these here parts for many a moon (cue City fans wincing in pain). You know what? Forget this one.
  3. Play Javi Garcia as a CB (cue City fans screaming in the streets). You know what? Forget this one.
  4. You tell me?
So either we use the CB's who work together like a human being with two left feet OR we use options that look even uglier. To think before the year, the last thing I worried about was the defense. We've had the best defense for, what, two to three years now? Not anymore. And at what point should I, SufferingBruin, have to accept that Vincent Kompany cannot be counted on for an extended period of time? He's only the best CB we've ever had and probably the best CB in the country. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. On to the next topic.

Adios, Abdislam?: City needs to decide what to do with Abdislam Ibrahim because this guy is ready for first-team play somewhere in the world. I don't know if he's ready for first-team play here, though, which means he's probably on his way out.

Sick of Reading about Hart? Then don't read this relatively pessimistic piece of analysis or this relatively optimistic outlook.

In Case You Were Wondering: There are no easy games in Premier League football and our match with the Hammers will be no exception. And we're playing them on the road and without our Captain. And I'm getting depressed again. Let's get a poll up.

Poll! You know what to do.