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Post match thoughts (Your thoughts): MCFC 2 - 0 Newcastle United

Laurence Griffiths

Can’t even begin to think about providing some thoughts with the stream I was viewing! So, I will provide a brief overview of the game; much like the one I did for the first Capitol One Cup match against Wigan. Feel free to give your impressions of how proceedings went, this more of a post match thread than my post match thoughts. The lineups from both sides were pretty similar, if not completely similar, to the ones predicted by pundits leading up to the match. Newcastle fielded a strong side, and City put out one with players auditioning for first team time.

In the first half much of the play was controlled by Newcastle, as they had plenty of chances to go up one, or even two goals but couldn’t finish in the box. The more notable chance came when Ameobi looked to have put the Magpies up a goal, but was ruled (correctly) offside’s by the assistant referee. Balls in the defensive box continue to give us trouble, regardless of opponent or defensive lineup. The only glimmer of hope for City in the first came from a Micah Richards run into the box from midfield, but it ended in a wide shot from the right back.

The second half saw a little bit better from City, which wasn’t very hard considering the performance in the first. But, my stream ran out in the second half, so you’ll have to fill in a bit more for me there!

Once I began to listen to the radio feed we came alive, scoring not once, but twice in the first half of extra time. The man, the myth, the legend Edin Dzeko got in to the scorer’s sheet for the first time, in what feels like forever! Both goals were set up, from what it sounded like, beautiful build up play, ending with superb finishes by both strikers Dzeko and Negredo. The introduction of David Silva in the second half seemed to be the difference maker; doing what he does best, distribute. To be honest, I’m glad my stream went dead in the second half, from what I was seeing on twitter, it was one to miss. But, we got the win to progress us further in the Capitol One Cup, and that is a positive.

If the reserve players were looking to make an impression with Pellegrini, they weren’t doing themselves any favors. Jovetic had to make an early exit from proceedings, as he looked to pick up a calf injury. Negredo came on for the Montenegrin striker. Pantilimon, a known team selection, had his second game in net this season. With much being said about Hart’s future as the automatic number one pick; this could be the Romanians shot to get some more shots in net. He had a solid performance (was named sky sports MotM), and may have helped his chances of getting another look this weekend. Who do you think will be in net for City come Saturday against Norwich?