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City 3-0 Stoke: Scoring Chances

Unsurprisingly, the scoring chances were dominated by City in the New Year's Day 3-0 win.

Michael Regan

The scoring chances were every bit as one sided as the victory and saw City dominate 9-1 (7-0 in the first half and 2-1 in the second half, where Stoke's only chance in the closing stages and was one of Joe Hart's twelve touches in total).

For the season, City now outscore opponents 217-85, which averages at 10.33-4.04 per game and helped reduce City's chances for and against per goal with Cityno taking 5.29 chances per goal and allowing 4.47 scoring chances each time Joe Hart's goal has been breached.

How disappointing was Sergio Aguero's injury? Once again the Argentinian led the way in terms of scoring chances with a +5 rating, and in doing so moved into a second placed tie with David Silva.

Silva, who linked so well with Aguero throughout the game, was a +2 with the midfield honours shared by James Milner (+3) and Gareth Barry (+2) who were both heavily involved from an offensive standpoint.

Here is the full individual breakdown:


And the week 21 rolling totals: