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City v Fulham: Scoring Chances

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City shut out Fulham and Silva, Dzeko and Tevez dominate in emphatic fashion.

Michael Regan

City utterly dominated last weekends encounter with Fulham, outchancing the visitors by a total of 14-0 (6-0 and 8-0 in each half respectively), the first time City have restricted their opponents to zero chances (in addition to not allowing a single shot on target).

This means that City have outchanced opponents by a huge margin of 241-89, averaging out at 10.47-3.86 per game. The shut out has increased the number of chances allowed per goal to 4.86, whilst City now need 5.35 scoring chances per goal.

Individually, it was a huge weekend for David Silva, Edin Dzeko and Carlos Tevez, with Silva and Tevez profiting with City a goal ahead and the trio finished +8, +6 and +6 respectively.

The individual totals:


And for the season at week 23: