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A New Contract For Tevez?

Carlos Tevez, and specifically his contract situation, are pretty hot topics right now. As with most Man city news at the moment involving big players and clever agents, the truth behind the words is a little hard to find.

The title of this piece is: A new contract for Carlos Tevez? For me, it would be simple, Tevez is a wonderfull player and a renewal of his current deal should be a no brainer. But wait. Things aren't straight forward, here are some of the problems for club and player to work through:

1) Carlos' homesickness. The player has long stated his intent to return to his native homeland, that return may come in 18 months or 3 years but the pull is strong and the move will come sooner rather than later.

2) Family Issues. No one knows, nor claims to know Carlos' family situation. Last we heard his wife and children are happily ensconed in the bosom of the best that Cheshire has to offer. It may be safe and prudent to imagine that the entire family would prefer to return to Argentina at some point.

3) Forgiveness. Has Tevez been fully forgiven for that night in Munich or has the ultimate charade of pragmatism been played out privately behind the scenes? For me, it seems as if Tevez is happy and renewed, it's also not beyond the realms to think that Tevez commited himself for two years, post Munich, on the understanding that he would be allowed to return home at the expiration of his contract.

4) Agent. Does anyone know who Tevez's agent is? Is it still Kia? If so it may raise questions about Man city's appetite to deal with a man who has caused numerous problems for the club in recent times. Kia Joorabachian was inextricably involved in the Onohua affair which brought about the downfall of the influential, but ultimately foolish, Garry Cook. Kia was also involved in the overly inflexible contract negotiations which resulted in Nigel de Jong demanding, and refusing to move from, an extortianate amount of money in wages for a player who, if we are honest, was one dimensional and replaceable.

If Joorabachian is still Tevez's agent (confirmation?) Man City may place their values ahead of pragmatism and refuse to pay Kia another penny.

5) City the right European club? Naturally, we come to the conclusion that yes, Tevez is at the right club. He may be settled in the area by now. He has friends, and Argentine one's at that, in Zaba and Aguero and it is difficult to imagine Man City selling Tevez to another club or Tevez finding another club willing to take on the wages of a free agent 29/30 year old. Maybe PSG would, but Tevez isn't RvP and his wage valuation may not hold like van Persie's has.

The Rumours

This from the Manchester Evening News

Carlos Tevez has NOT ruled out staying at City beyond the end of his contract in 2014. The Blues striker has not been offered a two-year extension, but if City come up with something - more likely to be at the end of the season - he would certainly consider it.

Tevez "I've got one year left on my contract and they want to renew it for two more - they made an investment. If it was up to me, I'd want to go back, but it's difficult. They're not going to extend my contract for nothing. I'm honest, I'll stay two more years and then I'll head back."

Sounds promising so far. It seems like a logical position to take from both club and player.

Then we read these:

From the Daily Mail

Carlos Tevez is reportedly considering a new contract offer at Manchester City that would keep him at the club until 2016.

From Sky Sports

Carlos Tevez has revealed that he intends to head back to Argentina in 2014, rather than pen a new contract at Manchester City.

City had been hoping that Tevez would agree to extend his stay at the Etihad Stadium, with a troubled past put to one side during contract negotiations.

Tevez has, however, snubbed the offer of a new two-year contract.

From The Independent

"I have a year left on my contract and Manchester City want to sign me for two more seasons," he said. "However, Boca's president has said the door is always open for me to rejoin them and I'm dying to pull their shirt on once more.

"I want to end my career there. It is my dream and that of my family. I'd love to be playing for them against River Plate. It would be better than playing against Fulham."

All it bit confusing eh! When there are alleged interviews with Argentine radio stations which are then translated into English things become muddled and confused. Only the club and Tevez know what will eventually happen with his situation.

If Tevez were to extend it would be a remarkable turn around for a player who was ill-disciplined and out of shape last term, but now, with trademark hard work, is in shape and an influential player. According to Mancini has exhibited 'a perfect attitude'.

It is easy to see why the club would be interested in a pragmatic 1 year extension, thus protecting Tevez's best years. iI is also worth considering how much a potential replacement would cost, if a replacement of equal or superior skill can even be found?

It may require a lot of time before we know which direction the club and Tevez take, but it's been a wild ride from day one for Carlos tevez.