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Arsenal 0-2 City: Scoring Chances

City made the extra man count, but Arsenal rallied with a late flurry of scoring chances.

Mike Hewitt

City came out fast and aided by the early sending off dominated Arsenal in the first half, leading 9-1 in scoring chances at the break, including grabbing the first eight scoring chances of the game just thirty minutes or so in when Edin Dzeko put the Blues 2-0 ahead.

They only managed one scoring chance in the second half as Arsenal rallied to edge the second half 3-1, meaning City won the day 10-4 - which is pretty much the season average of 10.31-4.04 per game (based on City's season totals of 227-89). City are now averaging 5.29 scoring chances per goal and conceding 4.68 scoring chances for every goal Joe Hart concedes.

A lot was made of the absences of Yaya Toure, Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero (the latter being hot of late) but the midfield trio of David Silva, Gareth Barry and Bitter and Blue's man of the match James Milner all dominating. Silva and Barry were both +4, whilst Milner posted an excellent +6 and now averages in excess of three scoring chances per 90 minutes and has a higher chances per 100 touches ratio than all bar the trio of Aguero, Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko.

The individual totals:


And the season numbers, which show a clear leading trio at the top: