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Kompany appeal successful

Mike Hewitt

Per The Guardian:

The red card received by Manchester City's Vincent Kompany during Sunday's 2-0 win at Arsenal has been overturned by an FA independent commission, meaning the defender will not now serve a three-match ban.

The commission decided that Mike Dean, the referee, had made an "obvious error" - the only criteria by which his ruling could be rescinded - in sending City's captain off for his tackle on Jack Wilshere in the second half at the Emirates Stadium.

It is thought Dean issued the red card because he adjudged Kompany's challenge to be two-footed. City's evidence included video footage of the incident from at least four angles and showed that the Belgian's right boot was actually tucked behind his left calf.

Obviously welcome news and perhaps a decision that was not unexpected given the publicity and comment that the sending off attracted in the wake of Sunday's victory.

We have all by now seen endless replays and stills of the incident and before the decision was announced this afternoon my own conclusion was that I wouldn't have been surprised whatever the outcome of the appeal. Whilst certain angles appear to show the challenge as reckless (particularly front on - the referee's view) there were other angles which undoubtedly supported Kompany's case.

What is clear though is that whatever your view of it, Kompany does have a tendency to lunge tackle, which at times lends itself to an appearance of jumping in and at times two footed in its nature. It hasn't helped him previously and you wonder if it is something that land him in trouble at some point again.