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City v QPR Scoring Chances

In some ways, looking at the chances for both sides it was a similar game to the defeat of Southampton in that City were largely in control with the exception of a brief spell of pressure (which City, admittedly, didn't cope with too well) from the opposition in which City conceded.

The total chance count was 10-5 in favour of City; City out-chancing QPR 7-1 in the first half but the visitors edging the second half 4-3. The majority of City's chances too coming at the +1 game state (when City were leading by one goal) and at a time where they should have added the comfort of a second goal.

Individually, the trio Edin Dzeko, Carlos Tevez and Yaya Toure were unsurprisingly the leaders, with the maligned Dzeko having the highest score with a +5 (indicative of his central striking role which the other forward-lying players work off).

Aleksandar Kolarov had an interesting (somewhat typical?) game, being responsible for conceding a (which directly led to the goal), defending a chance and also involved in the opposite end of the field too. Joe Hart also managed to score his first + scores of the season having not been involved in the defence of a chance in either of the first two games.

The game totals were as follows (click to enlarge the image):


The totals for the season so far are also beginning to take shape too, with the expected names of Edin Dzeko, Carlos Tevez, Yaya Toure, Samir Nasri and David Silva already leading the way by some margin: