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Mancini's Friday Press Conference: Focusing On The Defence

A round-up of Roberto Mancini's weekly press conference

A round-up of Roberto Mancini's weekly press conference:

  • Mancini was not angry, but certainly unhappy at the midweek exit, but did feel that it could be a blessing given it will allow more time in training given the sides involvement in the Champions League.
  • He talked again of the problems with the reduced pre-season, with players arriving back late and new signings not arriving until late in the transfer window and felt that the team still needs time to settle into the season.
  • He conceded there were defensive issues but alluded once again to the issue of pre-season. Mancini did, however, point to the fact after five games City had only conceded two more than at the corresponding stage last season.
  • Whilst you cannot change what has happened, it appears Mancini is not afraid to wield the axe, saying "You need to deserve to play," he said. "You can't make mistakes like we made on Tuesday night, and like we have in other games. If you deserve to play, you will play."
  • Mancini accepted that winning the title for a consecutive year was difficult but when pressed answered "we will win the title."
  • Looking ahead to tomorrow, Mancini felt that Fulham look to be a stronger side this season and felt this would be the case with several other sides.
  • Team wise, Samir Nasri returns after injury but Jack Rodwell misses out. He confirmed that Micah Richards has returned to training but is not yet ready to start.