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Real Madrid v City: Scoring Chances

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A very quick look at the Scoring Chances from last night's game.

  • Real outchanced City 15-2 overall, 7-0 in the first half and 8-2 after the break with their late flurry of chances. Compare this with City conceding just five chances in the first half of total games this season and only 17 overall, conversely posting 39 chances themselves.
  • Ronaldo led the way for Real after his positive start and was heavily involved as the home side pressed late. Much like in Euro 2012, Karim Benzema had a high rating despite a low number of touches.
  • City struggled offensively, but the real story was in defence where Joe hart posted a higher number than his season total to date and the defence gave up so many chances where they scored a minus rating. Lapses of concentration and poor decision making really cost them.

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