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David Silva Signs New Deal

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David Silva has been one of Manchester City's top players over the last two seasons, and according to the Guardian, the defending champions have rewarded him for his contributions with a new five-year deal worth a reported £120,000 per week. With the FA Cup and Premier League title secured in his first two years at the club, the Champions League is next on his to-do list:

I'm very pleased because I've been here for two years now and I feel very happy here at the club, in the city and with all the people.So now I'm delighted to be extending my contract and being here really does feel just like home for me.

We've won the Premier League title and two other trophies too, and the team is growing and we are now aiming at the Champions League and so that also is another reason to want to stay here and try and win it.

It's interesting to note the wage disparity between signings like Silva and Vincent Kompany, who recently penned a contract extension himself, and the reported (much higher) wages that players like Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez and Yaya Toure are pulling in. There's much more value in going after the players who aren't already star names -- that Silva's happy to sign this new deal is indicative of the fact that City did some very good business in acquiring him in the first place. And there is, of course, much more to come.