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Stoke v City Scoring Chances

City outchanced Stoke 9-2 (5-1 and 4-1 in the first and second half respectively), but came away with just a point despite their dominance. For the season, City have now outchanced opponents 38-17 (19-5 in the first half of games).

The individual totals for Saturday's game were as follows (click to enlarge):


Although City managed nine chances, there was not a huge amount of involvement in these, with generally one or two players only involved - Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli in particular linking well in the first half whilst Samir Nasir and Yaya Toure likewise after the break.

The season totals now see Nasri and Tevez atop the chart ahead of Yaya Toure, with both interestingly having almost identical totals in the game state category. Compare this to both Yaya and Edin Dzeko who are far more likely to be involved in chances when the game is level: