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Five Thoughts: Stoke v. City: I'm waiting to be amazed...

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As always, long on rhetoric, short on logic...

  1. Hey, this guy made some great comments! Just scroll down in the game thread and read Knee High to a Duck. I'd type 'what he said' for the five thoughts but that would be lazy. Seriously, go read him. I'll try to find some things he missed.
  2. Why is my blood pressure being measured in light years? I watched the game on the TiVo machine with my father-in-law and son. Here in Los Angeles, we've got our hottest day of the year going with temps ranging from the 90's at the beaches to much higher inland. It was even hotter in front of the television every time City played tiki-taka in their own box. We really shouldn't do that.
  • SB Mini-Editorial: Yes, Crouch's goal should not have counted. That's not what I want to argue. I want to argue why American fans clamor for replay but European fans resist it. I'm not talking about goal line tech which everybody and their mother is in favor of. I'm talking about replay like the NFL has. American fans are all for it--use it for offsides, ball possession, every goal scored (so we can know that Crouch's goal didn't count) but Euro fans argue otherwise; they'll say (and by they I mean the Euro fans I hang out with) it'll slow the game and these things even out in the end; two of the weakest arguments I've heard but they say it and not just in front of me but on chat boards and man, they are adamant about it. I'd use replay for goals, red cards, 2nd yellows, PK's and I might not stop there. If you're against it, you're just fine with the wrong team winning or, in today's case, drawing. The Crouch goal should have not been allowed and it's not enough to say, "Well, these things happen." This is an easily correctible problem, people.
  • Whither the boys of last season? The man called the best right back in the world after the 1-6 game is going to have a hard time getting back on the pitch. Micah Richards is a helluva nice guy but he is no better than option #2 at his own position--he appears to be behind Zabaleta and now, Maicon (who played damn well today, I think we can all agree). Which makes me wonder aloud why anyone would sign with Man City if they know they're just one signing away from not getting any playing time. Gareth Barry? He didn't look good and now he's competing with Garcia and Rodwell. It's the way Mancini likes it--competition at every position--but I wonder how long before it comes back to bite him? And has there been a James Milner sighting recently?
  • And speaking of last season... Last year at this time, we were one of the more dominant teams in the world. After the 1-6 game, it was not uncommon to read that City might not ever lose another EPL game (yeah, it was crazy but tell the truth--you weren't wondering the same thing?). The point being, it's been a long time since we've looked dominant. We looked like world beaters any number of times last season. Besides the 1-6 game, we were nearly as great against the evil empire (ManU) at home. I mean, if ever a game was a 1-0 blowout, it was the derby at the Etihad. I could pick nearly a dozen games off the top of my head where we looked incredible. This year, I'm still waiting for one.