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Really? I mean, really?

sonics097 and I visit the worldwide leader in sports every now and again. The chat boards are, in my opinion, pretty good with the significant caveat that there are a few trolls over there that can make life miserable. But for the most part (though sonics might disagree), I think the conversation is pretty good. The reporting on soccernet is right on par with your average tabloid but ESPN Soccer's site is very different. There you can find David Hirshey, James Martin, etc. and the reporting is pretty darn good (certainly more responsible than soccernet). Which is a long way of leading to this quote from Martin about Edin Dzeko on the ESPN Soccer site today:

It's no secret that his manager, Roberto Mancini, would like to get rid of him.

It's just the one sentence, I know, but has anyone heard anything to back this up? No link because I honestly don't know what the SB Nation policy is on linking to ESPN but does anyone have any idea what Martin is basing this on? Has Mancini said anything? What am I missing here?