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Dzeko's 'I'm too good to spend another season on the bench'

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There are some quotes out there today that have been attributed to Edin Dzeko in an interview with German Football magazine Kicker. These quotes were picked up via Football Italia and other sites.

Is there any truth in the quotes? Well we don't know, we have seen this movie before most recently, and famously, with French players being quoted in French magazines and denying the interview's content almost immediately.

So we wait and see if Dzeko bothers to deny or confirm these comments or whether he just lets them wash over.

“In the second part of the season I was slightly sidelined,”

“And I have no idea why I lost this continuity. I came here to play, so I never considered this problem.

He continued:

“I’m think I am too good to spend another season on the bench, so anything is possible for my future, despite the words of [manager Roberto] Mancini

“However, there is nothing concrete just yet.”

So there you have it. The juiciest quote is 'I am too good to spend another season on the bench'. We expect a pro athlete to say this, he will believe he should be playing, and rightly so.

I think this is a storm in a tea cup, and will blow over. But if the comments are correctly attributed to Dzeko at least we now know what his thoughts are. If a Milan or Inter came in with a sufficient offer for Edin and for the club I believe that he would be sold.

For me, that would be a mistake. Anyway, any thoughts guys?