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Man City Transfer Rumours (4/08/2012)

More rumours, most of them very unlikely to happen but I shall list them anyway and we can laugh and point at the rumours that are more ridiculous in nature.

Man City are tracking a a 22 yo utility player named Nicolas N'Koulou. I'm fairly sure not many of us have heard of him. Ac Milan and Barcelona are also interested in helping his agent gain a better contract for player.

Some De Rossi talk from the MCFC main site. Do we need or want de Rossi at the wages and age that he is.

A little item on Dzeko and his apparent unhappiness in England. I may dig some more into this.

The Agger rumours come into focus a little better. This tiny piece has Agger talking over a new contract with Liverpool. This fits. Agent let's out that BIG clubs are interested in the player, club gets worried, overpays slightly on the new contract. It all ends happily. We've seen this story before. I'm not sure he is good enough for Man City or Barcelona.

This is the most ridiculous rumour. £35m for David Luiz? Right

The increasingly dull RVP saga is featured in the Independent here with RVP apparently reluctant to move to Man City. I wouldn't shed tears if the deal didn't happen and I wouldn't be too worried if he moved to Man Utd either. My take is he will see out his last year and leave on a free next year where he will command bigger wages due to the absence of a £20m transfer fee.

And finally........Has anyone ever heard of a dislocated toe before? Rather Chivu than me